Cristiano Ronaldo with two goals in his second debut for Manchester United: it should always be like this, right? The script for his homecoming had been written from the moment it was announced that he would be rejoining the club two weeks ago.

There was no way he would let this special occasion slip by without finding the net. The atmosphere before kick-off felt more like a statement from Ronaldo than a game in the Premier League.


Thousands of people wearing CR7 branded t-shirts flocked to the show. Watch the prodigal son return to Old Trafford. But there was nothing quite like the 36-year-old’s performance.

When in doubt, his sprint and touch for his second goal proved that he still managed it. Luke Shaw drove forward and passed the ball to Ronaldo, who ran onto the pass and shot a good shot through Freddie Woodman’s legs.

However, the Newcastle goalkeeper could have nightmares over Ronaldo,Demand for Ronaldos Shirt in the Club Megastore was so high, they operate the risk of staying no number seven.

He really did not feel the feeling of a few normal homes. Horas before the start were the streets full of thousands of clothes. In Ronaldo Gang.

There was even the best original tapas when he was here in 2003, while a new legion of supporters immediately adopted a player to remember them hardly enough for the first time to play.

And twice with his double debut. Demand for shirts No. 7 will not slow soon. Newcastle did everything to ruin the party of Ronaldo in the impartiality of the visitors.


Bruce’s Bruce side made the difficult life of United, especially in the counterattack, with Allan Saintmaximin and Joe Dillock caused the problems on the home page.

But Woodman clearly received the note that this should be the day of Ronaldo. The Newcastle no. 1 spilled a shot of Mason Greenwood at the Portuguese forefoot, which Ronaldo can open the score of three meters just before the break.

It’s famous ‘Siiiuuu!’ The celebration was unleashed at the corner against Newcastle’s visitor fanatics. Its masked goals that worked a performance of Firsthal worked on the Solskjaer side.

Clearly on the future and when Javier Manquillo was balanced after the break, it was less than the visitors. But that was not to stop the mood of the party in old traffic.

Chorusse of ‘Viva Ronaldo!’ He raised the roof when he celebrated his second goal in front of a floating extreme of Stretford.


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