When Bruno Fernandes was first called to the Portuguese team, he couldn’t believe it when a senior congratulated him on his performance at Sporting, it was Cristiano Ronaldo,Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Portugal, but could their be any different at Manchester United?

“We young people take  him as an idol said Fernanders towards Ronaldo, so playing together is like a dream come true

When Manchester United tried to sign Fernandes, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer called Ronaldo’s number in which he got through Patrice” Evra to get his opinion on his compatriot “The statement was good and he was signed, now they are teammates from both club and  country.

Ronaldo smashes shirt sales and media frenzy after moving to manchester united

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One of the many narrative threads to untangle when the Premier League turns to a frenzy for Ronaldo’s return team will be perhaps the greatest hope for the title since the departure by sir Alex Ferg from old trafford.

Fernandes who struggled to find a role on the Portuguese national team, his replacement with his team just before Ronaldo’s recent victories against Ireland was just the latest example of being unable to find his rhythm.

Fernandes made a small step forward in Baku on Tuesday. His main role in Portugal’s comfortable 30th win against Azerbaijan was one of his best performances for the national team, after a smart squad for Bernardo Silva’s brilliant first goal, after another good performance for Andre Silva’s second, good forward pass through the Azerbaijani defense and one wonderfully sublime ball, especially before halftime whistle.

One of the big question surrounding Fernandes and Ronaldo is who assumes the penalty taking role…

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