Everything you want to know about European football’s new competition
Infantino at the Super League: When I turned into with UEFA there has been already a similar project
The 2021/22 season will see the advent of UEFA’s new membership competition – the Europa Conference League.
With the Europa League being trimmed from 48 teams to simply 32, UEFA have added a 3rd competition, with a purpose to comply with a similar layout to the Champions League and Europa League.
What is the Conference League?
The Europa Conference League is UEFA’s third club competition, running along the Champions League and Europa League with the concept of giving greater possibilities for clubs to play European football.
With the Champions League and Europa League packed complete of regulars, UEFA have looked to introduce the competition to present different sides the chance to check themselves against teams from across the continent, particularly sides from countries that conflict to make it in both of the 2 already-current competitions.
Who will play in the Conference League?
One crew from every of Europe’s pinnacle 5 leagues – LaLiga Santander, Serie A, Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 – will qualify. Nations ranked 6th to 15th will have teams enter, and nations ranked 16th to 50th can have 3 teams. Three teams can even enter from countries ranked 51st to 55th, however will have to undergo all the qualifying rounds to make it.
There will be 3 qualifying rounds and a playoff round earlier than the final 32 groups in the Conference League organization stage. Teams who win their playoff will attain the group stage, as will folks that lose in the Europa League playoff.
There will be 8 groups of 4 teams, similar to the Champions League and, from next season, the Europa League as well.
How will it work?
Each group’s winner will advance to the round of 16. Second-positioned sides will then cross into every other playoff round against the teams who fall down into the Conference League from completing third of their Europa League agencies. The winners of these will advance to face the Conference League organization winners in the round of 16.
Games will be played over legs before a one-legged very last. The winner of the competition will qualify for the following season’s Europa League.
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