Reece James saved a Liverpool goal just before half-time with a hand sanctioned by referee Anthony Taylor with a direct red card, and Antonio Rüdiger and Eduoard Mendy were also cautioned for lack of discipline after Mohamed Salah’s penalty shot. Echo, after being charged by the Football Association, “could be at risk of deducting points after being hit by the same blow seven times in the past seven years. Players who have faced decisions they consider unfair in recent years and after being fined £ 22,500 in May following an issue against Leicester City can escalate their penalty to a point deduction, it would be a radical one Reaction to what I personally felt was an understandable emotional reaction to Chelsea, seeing James, one of the most talented defenders in the country, on a stage we seldom see. While the rules cannot be disputed, it felt harsh that James was sent off for handling the line, even if reps suggest it was deliberate handling of the ball. The Premier League has done well so far this season with VAR in raising the bar to intervene but problems are already creeping in and it is a matter of time before Liverpool fans complain about a decision that it was against her. it’s part of football and i guess you have to smile. and put up with it, but we saw Manchester United get away with it when Paul Pogba’s tackle hit Ruben Neves ‘shin in preparation for Ruben Neves’ goal against Leeds United. It will be interesting to see how many goals we see in our games this season because (and I think that might just be a confirmation bias) but Liverpool always seem struggling to get away with naughty tackles.Maybe it has to do with the Reds winning the Fair Play award year after year, but I don’t see any Premier League referee making a decision for Liverpool like the one Pogba received in Molineux on Sunday. Well, not really, the dreaded international split is back to spoil all the fun, but at least the transfer window is over so all useless rumors are over. To cover them all, every Liverpool fan suspected there would never be another starter this summer.


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